Monday, May 18, 2009

snapshot sunday on a monday - birthday edition

As promised...Snapshot Sunday on a Monday - Special Birthday Edition.

This is the firetruck couch he got from Buka, Epi, Etan & KD (a.k.a. Uncle Brandon, Aunt Stephanie, Ethan & Kaitlyn.)

He loves this couch and wanted to sleep on it, on his bed last night. Mommy had to say no because it just didn't sound safe.

His birthday cake with smoking candles. After the candles were removed he thought he could just bite the cake.

He had wanted cake all day while it was being decorated. I kept telling him it was too hot and it would have to cool before he could have a bite.

The GeoTrax plane system he got from JJ & Mani (a.k.a. Uncle Jeromy & Aunt Mandy).

It has a remote control and Joshua has been loving making it go...then stop and put the pilot in....then go...then stop and take the pilot out...then go...and so on and so on.

If I can get caught up on some sleep, I will get more pictures up throughout this week.

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