Sunday, May 10, 2009

snapshot sunday with a little extra

Saturday morning, my sister and I walked a Training Walk Kick-Off in Fort Worth. It was a 3 mile walk from the New Balance store through a nice neighborhood and back to Central Market. Again, on this walk, my outer leg muscles tightened up. We slowed down and I stopped and stretched. We slowed down some more and I stopped to stretch again. Finally my entire leg was shaking from the pain and I just kept walking. Another 1/2 mile and my leg pain subsided and we picked up our pace. It was humid but a good experience. I wish that I had brought the camera. My sister scored some new shoes from the New Balance store. I plan to get some in a few more weeks when we walk from The Runner store in Arlington...they carry Saucony's, the brand I prefer. Today, I should have walked, but we have been out running around all day, so I will cross train some tonight. We planned to take my mother for dinner tonight. She wanted Logan's, who of course wasn't taking reservations today. The wait was 1 1/2 hours so we headed down to the Arlington Steakhouse, which turned out to be pretty good. The menu said they had a top voted chicken fried steak in Arlington and judging from my nephew's plate, it must have been pretty good.

Now, for Snapshot Sunday........

We painted with Joshua last weekend. Flowers and hand prints for his Nana and Gamma. Jeff and I had fun doing this project with Joshua and Joshua had fun doing it with us. He loves to color/draw/paint/marker or anything else like this.

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