Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no barking

Monday night, I talked Jeff into walking with me. We walked a mile and half, which wasn't bad. Joshua is loving riding in the stroller for walks. Tonight, Steph & I went and meet with our team the 60 Mile Mamas and walked 2 and a half miles. Which is great. We walked at the Bedford Boys Ranch which is a great place to walk. Jeff kept Joshua at home. Jeff said that when I left, Joshua went and sat in his stroller and cried because Mommy had left him. I thought about Joshua the entire time I was gone because I felt guilty for not bringing him. He really seems to be looking forward to my walking. When we walk our neighborhood, we barks back at the dogs and after spending Sunday evening in my brother, Jeromy's backyard, Joshua now says, "no barking". Joshua seems to not like larger dog barks. They are the ones that are told, "no barking". The little dog barks, he barks at and then tells them "no barking".

I am taking an Excel class at work. It is part of a grant that my company got for continuing education with Northlake. I learned several new things today that I didn't know how to do and was refreshed on things I haven't used in a long while. The class continues Wed, Fri & Mon. Being on the campus really makes me wish I had finished college and perhaps someday things will work out and I can go back.

Two night of eating in now....seems easy enough...especially considering that I got new things that we don't normally eat. I need to get to bed...5:30 is going to come really early.

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