Thursday, April 23, 2009

waddle waddle

Wednesday was just another Wednesday. Nothing major happened. Tonight, Thursday night, I went to Bedford Boy's Ranch again for a walk. I didn't do well because after I started walking, I stopped to stretch, like I have been doing, and when I started walking again the muscles in my right leg tightened up. They tightened up so badly that I talked myself out of sitting down. I figured that sitting down would not help. My muscles have not done this before tonight. I did not like it and will eat a banana in the morning to help this situation.

I took the camera to the park tonight in hopes of seeing these baby geese that I seen on Tuesday night. And sure enough, I found them, near where I had seen them on Tuesday. They are just so cute.

And then there were these ducks that waddled on over quacking at us, requesting food.

When they realized we didn't have food, they waddled away, quacking amongst themselves. I am sure they were cursing at us.

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