Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today was busy at work. Before I knew it I had missed my first break by an hour, but took it after speaking with an upset provider. Then I went to lunch 30 minutes late....I didn't even realize it was lunch time. When my last break rolled around....well I was an hour and a half late for that. But I was mostly productive all day. The two new girls on our team have been making all of our outbound calls to the providers...only making outbound calls. That leaves take all the return calls from the voice mails they have had to leave. I did get to learn another step in the refund process...only one more step for me to learn.

When I got out of work and into the truck...I hadn't even started the truck and my phone rang. It was my step-dad, David, and at first I panicked thinking something was wrong with Mom. There was nothing wrong with her except she wanted to get out of the house and they were calling to see if Joshua and I wanted to go with them. To Chinese...I don't get Chinese very often. And there is this great place down in Mansfield that we went to meet them at. It was my first time to see Mom since her surgery and she was moving around better than I expected her to be. Joshua, of course, wanted Nana to pick him up, and I don't think he ever understood that Nana couldn't. All in all, it was a good dinner and Joshua played for a bit after we got home and went to bed with little fussing. He hasn't been wanting to go to bed lately....he just wants to be "wake" meaning not "seep".

Tonight after we got home, I was productive. I managed to get two loads of laundry in the washer now and one in the dryer....not bad for my lazy bones. And I also got a load of dishes going. I am going to have to do some hand dish washing this weekend, because that pile is bugging me.

I was super productive today at work and at home....and now....I am going to bed.

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