Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ring roun rosie

Monday was busy at work...most every day has been super busy at work this week. And hectic. And it is only Wednesday.

This morning on the way to school, Joshua surprised me with something new. We had stopped to get gas and were nearly to school when he started singing, "ring roun - pause - ashes ashes we fall down". I looked over shocked because he and I haven't done this song. He was so proud of himself that he then had to sing it again, "mommy, ring roun, ashes ashes we down". I was impressed. So I sang it and he looked at me as surprised as I was looking at wow mom you know that song too? It was great. We sang it some again and again on the way home today, but today at school he picked up another word so now he sings, "ring round rosie, ashes ashes, we fall down". He also clasp his hands together and dances them back and forth.

Then tonight at dinner, he burped and said, "excuse you". It was so hard not to burst out laughing. I know if I had laughed he would have thought is was funny to burp and it would never stop. But I am laughing now as I type this. I am truly amazed everyday with the new phrases he comes up with. This past weekend, we discovered that he will count to 10. He had never counted beyond 5. His ABC's are coming along as well...he can almost sing all of helps if he is in a mood where he wants too. And I have noticed that he seems to know the colors red, blue, brown and green. Though he likes to say purple...probably because it feels funny to say.

I wish tomorrow was Friday, but it is not. Two more days and this week will officially be over and down with.

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