Saturday, April 18, 2009

no walking but a lot of running

Our training walk with our new team, 60 Mile Mamas, this morning was rained out. Instead we went and had breakfast together. It was great. They filled us in on the fundraising plans for the 3-Day and answered many questions that Steph & I had. After that was done, Steph, Kaitlyn, Joshua & I started running around. First to Target because Joshua exploded and needed not only pants but also a shirt (yes, it was that bad) and I didn't have backup clothes withe me. To Sam Moon where I scored a new purse (that I am not sure I like now that I have used it), earrings and a necklace. Then back to Target to pick up my truck. Headed to my sister's to drop my truck off. Then to Academy, where nothing was found that was needed. Then to Dick's Sporting Goods, again absolutely nothing of use in this over sized store. Off to Wal-mart for grocery shopping, too many dollars later we dropped my grocery's off at home and change Joshua because he again exploded. Then, we decided that we hadn't been to quite enough stores today so we headed to Grapevine to Bass Pro Shops where again nothing was found that was needed. So back home we headed, decided to go to Fuddrucker's for a hamburger, a tasty one at that. After dinner, Joshua learned how to do "hand farts", you can imagine how precious this is. No one really taught him how...I really think he just figured it out. Back to my sisters, where Joshua exploded once again (the third time) and needed to be changed. We came home and I got Joshua in the bath. I am thinking that his explosions are the result of his antibiotic for his ears, which still aren't clearing up. I think he will need to go back to the doctor this week.

I am tired. Joshua was a terrible two year old all day. He wants to do anything and everything except what I want him to do. Which today was a lot of stop moving around and touching things. I swear the kid touches everything that he touchable which only rules out nothing. And he still puts nearly everything he can into his mouth. I would have thought that we would have grown out of this by now, but nooooo.

The tooth I chipped during my pregnancy is really starting to bother me. We have no dental coverage and no extra funds for me to go the the dentist on. It gives me headaches and I know it needs to come out. My heels hurt from all the walking/running around we did today. I will need new shoes soon for training I am doing. My brassiere is bothering me to no end and I hate shopping for new ones nor do I really have the money for a new one. I am not sleeping well and that has resulted in a cranky Susan. And no one likes a cranky Susan. So....since the cat is snoring in the chair next to me, I think I will head to bed (better late than never!).

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