Friday, April 17, 2009

wooo potty time

Thursday night one of the shows I watch didn't come on and the other was a rerun. So Joshua and I sat down in the study floor to go through more papers that have piled up. I swear I have been working on this study and piles of paper since before Christmas. The pile never seems to end. It doesn't help that I suck at organizing. I was shredding paper and Joshua was studying the shredder from a distance. He picked up a paper out of the recycle box and wanted me to shred it. As the shredder is "eating" the paper, he's like, "no, my paper", that isn't how it works, we can't get the paper back, the machine eats it, I explain. He seems to understand and I go out shredding. In a minute he brings me several papers and says, "eat it". So we shred those and he seemed to understand that the machine "eats" the paper. It is amazing to me how he figures things out.

Since we got back from Arkansas this past weekend, Chanci keeps wanting to be let out in the middle of the night. I am not liking this at all. I am not going to be getting up and down all night to let her in and out. So, since Jeff went to work Wednesday morning, at 4 a.m. Thursday morning, Chanci wanted out. Not a major problem, I get up at 5:30 anyway. She was only out for about 2 hours...she is out that long on the weekend and some week nights anyway. Well, Friday morning she wanted out at 2 a.m. I am tired and ticked that I am having to get up to let this "stupid-a**" dog out. I didn't know it was about to be raining. When I got up late at nearly 6 a.m., I went to let her in. had been raining and she was one pi**ed, wet & muddy dog. I had her wait in the sun room, partly to dry off and partly to clear a nice path back to her crate. She came in, refused to go in the kitchen for a drink so it was straight to her crate. Muddy paw prints from the back door to her crate. Good thing the living room is hardwood & the carpet in the bedroom it gross anyway. The mud she brings in normally cleans up pretty well off of it anyway. Perhaps, just perhaps, she learned her lesson and won't be asking to go out in the night tonight. And if she does, I will probably curse her all the way outside where she will again stay until I get up.

Tonight, when we got home from dinner with my sister, Joshua and I were playing in the living room. I kept asking if he was ready for bed and of course "No!" was always the answer. Right at 8:30, I asked if he wanted to do potty-time. He responded, clapping his hands, "yeah, yeah, potty time, yeah, yeah". And as we headed down the hall to his bathroom it was, "woooo potty time, woooo, yeah, potty time". He was so freakin' excited about it, it was hard not to laugh. And I was tired of waiting for him to go, I was trying to get him to get up so we could go put on a diaper...and he was refusing to get up...suddenly, the music started. He peed, but honestly, most of it got on his shirt....yuck! He apparently wasn't sitting just right. After he went, he said, "see pee-pee" and stood up so he could see it. Sounds gross and it was. After his diaper, we went back in to flush it down the toilet. Again, he waved and said bye to the pee. I swear that is his favorite part of using the potty. But secretly, inside, in quiet, I go "wooooo, we pottied, we pottied, woooo, yeah, yeah, we pottied!" and my guts do a happy dance while my heart does backflips!

This is a busy weekend...kinda. Tomorrow morning, provided it doesn't rain, I am meeting my new teammates. My sister, Stephanie, and I have joined an existing team for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. We are now members of the 60 Mile Mamas. These women have done the race before, most of the more than once. And they know the ropes and I am looking forward to meeting them. After that, shopping and a trip to Burleson to (hopefully) see a new baby.

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