Wednesday, April 15, 2009

where have all the snapshots gone

So, I am skipping Snapshot Sunday this week...just look for next Sunday's to be big.

This has been a busy week but I haven't really done least I don't feel that I have.

Monday brought about not much. Dinner with my sister. Oh, on Monday, Joshua had a follow up with his pedi. They had called in drops on Friday to the Wal-mart in Arkansas. The doctor was concerned because after 4 days of ear drops, his ears were not clearing very quickly. He could still see the tubes in both ears. He wanted to put him on an antibiotic. We dropped off the script and when we went to pick it up, the lady asked if we wanted it flavored. I asked what flavors she had and she started listing them. I said, "did you say banana?" "Yes, does he like banana?" "Oh yea, we will take banana flavoring." "That's weird, but okay." She left the window and returned and we headed home. After getting Joshua in his jammies, I offered his banana flavored medicine. I told him it was banana, after all it smells like bananas. He took half of it and said, "no wan it, no wan it, no banana, no wan it, no banana mama". Apparently, the banana flavoring isn't that great....note to self.

Tuesday night, Jeff and I had our appointment. It went well. There are some new things that we will work on in the next month. I actually felt like this appointment was productive. While we were gone, Mom came up and kept Joshua. I called her when we got out of our appointment to let her know we were headed home. She said that she had created a monster for us. I am thinking, "great, what now?". When we got home, she was pulling him along the sidewalk in his dump truck. His Tonka dump truck in all it's yellow glory. And he was just smiling from ear to ear. I wish I had snapped a picture. She had tied a stringy-rope to it and was pulling him along. Then, we all had to come inside. It was getting to be bedtime and Mom needed to go home. Joshua didn't want to get out of his dump truck, much less come inside. He whined at the door for "ouside". He loves to be outside (wonder where he gets that from) and begs to go out constantly. We really need to get the backyard in some sort of shape so we can use it more. Then I don't have to worry about random dogs....

I hate when people put their kids in the front yard with their dog. They expect the kid to play and be a kid and to take care of the dog. Typically the kid has no control or authority over the dog so it is a lose-lose situation. It bothers me to no end. Mom had brought Chanci out in the front on Tuesday night and hooked her up to the tree. We sometimes take her in the front to play around and if we will be outside for an extended period of time we have her cable around the tree. After I got home, this dog comes running up to Chanci with a young girl chasing behind yelling for the dog. She had no control over this dog. I don't like this. Moments later, the people across the street also had their kids and dog out in the front to play...their dog came over to see Chanci. This time she barked at the incoming dog and the dog turned around and headed home before making to our grass. Two thoughts...1. Is Chanci really that intimidating? 2. What are these parents thinking...are they thinking?? I think it is important for a child to learn about responsibility and I think a dog can be a good tool is this lesson. But, a child should never be left as the sole care giver to a dog. A child should not have to keep up with a dog while they are outside to play with their friends. You can't expect an 8-12 year old to do both at once. And you shouldn't leave your kid alone with a matter how much you trust your child or the dog. You just never know what could happen. I don't think Chanci would ever attack anyone (she is more likely to lick them to death) but she could easily knock someone over, including an adult. She is not small by any means. I also can not stand when a child comes running up to me and Chanci, hands flailing about, screaming 'puppy, puppy'. It is intimidating for the dog and increases the chance the dog will attack. Don't let your child do this. They don't know the dog, and the dog doesn't know them. There is a girl that lives on our street who always ask if she can come pet our dog. She is nice and polite. She always offers the back of her hand to Chanci as she walks up. Obviously, her parents took the time to teach her this. Why then, is she the child who came chasing her dog into my yard on Tuesday? Why? You can't talk to the dog, asking, "how does this child with flailing arms make you feel?" No matter how innocent the dog looks, no matter big or should ask before approaching a dog you don't know. And you should not let your child keep up with your dog while they want to play with friends. You can dog sit for an hour while they play outside. Give the dog a crate...a safe place to hang out in this instances. Please for the love of my sanity.

Jeff didn't go to work Tuesday night. They didn't have a load for him, but asked him to call Wednesday morning. When he called Wednesday morning, they surprisingly had a load for him to Memphis.

Wednesday has been another day. Nothing stand out as happened. I decided this afternoon at work that I would take advantage of another beautiful day and go for a walk when I got home. That is exactly what I did. For the first time since my surgery I walked. I did some light stretching and then walked a mile and a half. My mother called while I was out for my walk and asked about dinner. I had planned chicken & noodles for dinner. But $5.50 fajitas sounded too good to pass up. So off to Grand Prairie for fajitas. They were tasty as usual. After we got home, Joshua found a million things he didn't like and decided to throw a tantrum about every single one of them. Finally it got late enough for bath time. So off for a bath. Bath time with him has gotten interesting. He doesn't want to sit in the tub. But doesn't want to take a shower either. Basically, he wants to play with the water, but not be bathed. He prefers to be dirty and if he had his choice he would sleep in the dirt, eat in the dirt and live in the dirt. Being cleaned is a chore for him; a chore that he absolutely does not like. He stood up for most of this bath today, bending down to play with his bath toys. When I finally rinsed the shampoo out of his hair he decided to sit down. I didn't get very wet tonight during bath has been a while since I stayed this dry. Then, at the end of his bath, he didn't want to get out. He never wants to get out. The water drains out and I know he is getting cold, but still he refuses to get out. Normally I get him out and he tries to escape before being wrapped in the towel. He is a streaker when given the opportunity.

It is nearly an hour after my bedtime. I had a hard time getting up this morning, so I really should have gone to bed early, but oh well.

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