Monday, January 19, 2009

20 months

Today, Joshua is 20 months old. 20 months. And he was full of energy this evening! He gobbled down dinner yet again. Jeff was getting himself some more mac-n-cheese and Joshua said Daddy and pointed at his plate. That made the third helping of mac-n-cheese for the boy. Each helping got smaller and smaller. He wanted more and I said no and offered him go-gourt which he sucked down. He even ate his meat, chicken, tonight. He has been an eating machine lately. He seems to think that he is always hungry. And if we give him something, he eats all right. Jeff at dinner even looked under the table and said "well, it ain't coming out his toes". It was funny. Everyone keeps commenting on how slim is face is getting, so it must just be that he is growing. He went through this several weeks back, where we just couldn't seem to keep him full. He was happy to go to bed tonight.....oh yea....this morning he made it out of bed and all the way to our room without fussing. It is cool that he is getting himself up but no cool that he can open all the doors so easily. He even closed he and I in our bathroom and the opened the door. And the bathroom door latches really well.

Today, in honor of Joshua's birthday, Jeff and I went and seen a movie. Marley & Me. I read the book and cried and I cried at the movie. Jeff and I were talking that Joshua will probably be about 8 when Chanci leaves us. That is if I don't kill her first. Joshua got this Melissa & Doug puzzle for Christmas from my brother. It has fish and a fishing pole with magnets. Chanci ate the fishing pole. Now, we don't let Joshua play with it. He doesn't mind, but I do. I can sympathize with the movie because our dog eats just about anything. When Joshua was a baby and would have spit up episodes on his outfits. If I left it lying around, Chanci would come along and eat it. She loved the taste of formula. She never ate a bottle but probably would have, had she been given a chance. I don't give our pets much blog time, but they are good pets. Chanci is huge. Weighs about 125 pounds and is the biggest scaredy cat I have ever seen. She scares people off, but they don't realize that the worst she will do to them is knock them over....when she leans on them. Yes, she is a leaner. And has a whipping tale that Joshua is learning to dodge well. And our cat, well, she is a brat. She thinks she rules the house, but she doesn't. Her latest thing is chasing the reflection from the trash can lid. The lid is stainless steel, so it shines some. And when you open the lid, the shine moves on the wall. She attacks the wall trying to get it. Joshua thinks this is funny and will encourage her by opening and closing the lid.

Joshua has been finding random things funny lately. Like, mega blocks turned upside down. Why that is funny, I don't know. But he will laugh at it. And I have taught him to "come over here and lay down so I can tickle you". He will come over and lay down on the floor and wait for me to tickle him. It is so funny. He kicks his legs up and wiggles all over. It is so funny and a great distraction when things are not going well. It is hard to believe that soon enough we will be playing a small birthday party for a 2 year old. I am already working on cake ideas. Last year, I made a pirate cake that was just adorable. This'll have to wait and see....but it is going to be great!

Jeff and I also picked out a paint for the bathroom today. We will get started on that project in the next month. We have to take down wallpaper that is in there. The first of the green striped rooms is coming down. Our sea life bathroom accessory set it so cute. I didn't really get to anything else today like I had planned. Mostly because I am hurting again today and my blood pressure is up. Up to 141/80, which is really high for me. My head just hurts and there were a couple of times today when I could feel the blood pumping in my head. I am hoping that it will fix itself in the next two days or I will go to the doctor.

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