Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, well, well....

Look who has missed two blogs in a week....but hey....I have been sick.

I went back to work today. I was very tired by the end of the day. And I got a call from Joshua's school at like 4:15....he was very fussy. They had taken his temp and it was normal. Is there any meds they should be giving him? No. She put me on speaker phone for a few minutes to talk to him. She said he wanted to hold the phone. She said she would just keep him at the front with her for a bit and see if he got less fussy. I guess he did. They didn't call back. When I got there to get him, he was fussy. He had a dirty diaper, his teacher changed it. He again has a bad diaper rash, probably from his meds. It's has been a stressful week. I am ready for my whole family to be healthy again. No fevers, no coughing, no runny noses. And then BAM! is supposed to be freakin' cold tomorrow. Just great....just flippin' great! Just what every sickly person needs.....30 degrees and below.

Joshua jumped at the opportunity to take a bath tonight....though, that isn't unusual for him. He loves baths. He fought getting out of the tub. He fought getting on a diaper. He fought getting his jammies on. He fought having his ear cleaned. His hair brushed. His medicine taking. His going to bed. His being put back in the bed after he climbed out fussing. Now....he is asleep....and has been for a couple of hours. And I am done. Done with today. I am heading to bed. More updating will come when I feel better.

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