Friday, January 30, 2009

Ho-Hum Friday

Nothing much happened today. Just another day. Another Friday. I was glad when 5:00 rolled around. We kept busy at work. Joshua did do anything extraordinary other than being a little cutie. In the last couple of days he has added two more words to his already extensive list, "nak" for snack & "kitchen". It is funny to me how some words he pronounces so clearly like "kitchen" and "patches" but then he can't say "snack" or "mater", but he can say "chip". I am thankful for my sons extensive list of words that he speaks on a daily basis. It makes it much easier to understand him. And I am proud of myself for being patient with him. I think my patience with him is what has lead us to where we are now with his language skills. Instead of getting frustrated with him, we have always worked through the words with him. Way to go, Susan! You did a good job! (thank you, thank you)

I am also proud of myself for not having used a pacifier much. He would suck on it for about 30 seconds and I would feel guilty for him having it and take it away. I have always prided myself on this and probably always will.
I am proud of the fact that he is such a good eater and always has been. I know many people who has eating issues with their kiddos who are around Joshua's age.
I am glad that I am starting to see results from discipline measures.
I am glad that since Joshua's colic stopped at 2 months that he has almost always slept through the night unless he was sickly.
I pride myself on his bedtime. He has a routine and he can get fussy when bedtime doesn't go as planned. I think that this routine helped to stop the colic.
I am glad that Joshua gets along with the other kids at school and that he doesn't pick up all of their bad habits (like standing in the middle of the room yelling because someone thinks it is funny). I am glad that the biting seems to have stopped (I probably shouldn't have put this one).
I am thrilled that my son loves to be outside. I am so not a homebody. And I love that he loves to go outside to play.
I am proud that he loves bath time. He sometimes argues about getting out of the bath, but I would too if I had so many toys to play with in there. He loves to get wrapped up in his towel but then wants to see himself in the mirror all clean and wrapped up. The smile he gives himself is one of the sweetest things.
I am glad that he test his boundaries everyday. I am glad that he wants to become independent, it means that he will someday be able to take good care of himself.

I suppose that is enough.

Not much big planned for the weekend. Grocery shopping with a trip to Sam's. OohAah, huh. I reckon Sunday we will stay home for the Super Bowl.

Like I said, not a whole lot going on. Just been another day.

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