Friday, January 9, 2009

It's been a long day

I stayed home with Joshua today. I took him to his pediatrician this morning. He confirmed an upper respiratory infection and put him on a cough/decongestant. Joshua was in a fairly good mood by bedtime last night. Today...oh no....not even an okay mood. He hasn't felt good. He ran a low grade fever most of the day. It never went over 100. This morning he kept banging his head saying "oww". I can only assume that he had a headache. He has had a steady stream of Motrin and Tylenol. I went and picked up his prescription and have started him on that. I was thinking this will be good, I can get caught up on some things around the house since I will have an extra day at home. Yea right. Not only did Joshua fuss most of the day, he refused to take a nap unless I was holding him. I would hold him, he would fall asleep, I would try to lay him down in his bed, my bed, the couch and he would wake right back up and fuss with his arms in the air for me to get him. So I sat still on the couch for 1 1/2 hours while he took a nap. I watched shows that I had DVR'd. But, I was really looking forward to nap time to get the dishes done. He woke up in a semi better mood, but not by much. He dumped all of his puzzles out in the living room and refused to put them back together. He would just say "mama" and point at the pieces and the at the puzzle boards. He barely made it through dinner and he was falling asleep. Dinner was the only time that he ate all day. He refused breakfast...I even tried to fix him two different things. He made a mess playing with his lunch. He took two bites of yogurt. He pretty much just drank all day, and finally ate some dinner. Mac-n-cheese always does the trick. I sat him on the couch and started to take off his shoes, he said no. So I took mine off and we just sat there. I took his shirt off to get his temp from under his arm. When we were done, he got down in the floor and got his blanket. The next thing I knew, he was snoring laying on his blanket on his side on the couch....still with his socks and shoes on. I figured I would let him sleep for a bit. He woke up about 30 minutes later. I carried him to his room and changed him into his jammies and he willingly went to bed. He nearly jumped out of my arms to get laid down quicker. Finally....peace. I finished watching a show I was watching. And have done laundry, dishes and wii fit'd, let the dog out and fed the dog. And am now going to bed after a long, long day.

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Mandy said...

poor little guy. you're such a good mommy, though. he just probably wants some comfort during this time when he's not feeling good. hang in there!