Friday, January 2, 2009

The day that should have been a holiday

Today, I had to go to work. It just didn't seem like it should have been a work day. I worked all day right up until 6pm. Then made a mad dash to Joshua's school to pick him up before 6:30pm. Work is going. There is drama at this job, much like every job. People keep coming by my desk to tell me things and I keep telling them I don't know anything and just want to work. You see, apparently on Wednesday, they fired someone that started the same day I did. All I knows is that I came in on Tuesday morning and people were shouting from one of the conference rooms. The next day, one of those people are fired. Good riddance, I say, she seemed like a drama queen who would start drama daily. I like where my desk is. I am in a corner kinda with only two people close by. I don't have to be in the middle of what everyone is saying. I hate work drama. And I hate people who talk behind the backs of the people they work for. I am guilty of that on occasion, but I don't make it a habit.

When I picked Joshua up from school today, we got in the truck and I asked if he wanted to sing his ABC's. He has been doing fairly well on them. He responded to my question by saying, "dooblu lmnop". So we started singing them and he followed along but I think he sang 'dooblu' at least 4 times and 'lmnop' at least three times. Then we worked on numbers. He is getting good at saying 2. If you say 1, he will say 2. Today he said 2, 3. I said 4 and then he wanted to work on how to hold his fingers for the numbers. Those uncoordinated fingers of a toddler. When they want them to look like yours, but they just can't hold that thumb down. It makes me laugh. We followed that up with what we have been calling rollcall. Basically he names off all the names he knows. Mama, Daddy, Buka, JJ, Mani, Epi, KT, Nana, Papi, Chloe, Atches & Chanci. I tried to get his to say Ethan or even ET and all he would say was Buka. By then we were home.

A tried and true hit for dinner, salisbury steaks. Joshua loves them. He actually eats this meat. Often meat is a bribe to get him to eat it good. He gobbled down his peas and picked through his rice, selecting just the right pieces. After dinner, we were in the living room playing with Joshua and Jeff asked him if he wanted to take a bath. Jeff assumed that since Joshua wasn't responding he was being ignored. Joshua was working on one of his puzzles and was even ignoring me. When he finished the puzzle, he said "daddy go" and headed out of the living room. He waited for a second for Jeff to get up and went to the bathroom for his bath. It was impressive and proof that he tunes us out just enough to not respond while he is concentrating on a project. He went to bed great as usual. I feel like he is outgrowing his toddler bed. I just don't feel like he has enough room. He tends to wind up sleeping on 1/3 of his bed. We aren't planning on a big big boy bed until later this year. I am hoping the weather is nice tomorrow like it was today so we can get his tricycle outside.

I am working on editing pictures so look for those to come up this weekend.

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