Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just another Tuesday

So, it was supposed to be all frozen over around 4pm today and it wasn't. But, it is getting frozen over right now. I am openly hoping for school cancellations tomorrow or at least a delay.

Joshua did good today at school. He was in a great mood this morning, but this afternoon was his normal testing-the-boundaries self. I am trying to set more boundaries and it is a struggle between Joshua and I. There are somethings that I have always let him do that I am cracking down on. Like dumping out a basket of toys and then moving on the another toy without cleaning up. He is slowly getting the hang of it, and many other things.

Jeff got the missing prescription all squared away today and tonight Joshua got drops in his ears. But, I just realized that I didn't give him his antibiotic before he went to bed....oh well, I ain't wakin' him up now! The scrip was filled at the CVS across the street from the bad Walgreens. Jeff called this morning and spoke to a guy who was fully aware of the situation. He called Jeff back a short while later and let him know the script was ready. Impressive!

Jeff also went to work tonight. This is the first time is a month that he has gone to work on the the first day of his work week. They are sending him to Harlingen. But the news is saying that I-30 is shut down because of ice. So I called him and he will check TXDOT and see what is up with that situation. He was actually hoping to get to stay home tonight because of the weather, but it is great that he will be working a full work week. Yay!!

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