Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life & Death

Today my cousin Daniel's wife Christina had her daughter. Isabelle has made her arrival. She looks like her mommy & daddy. She has dark hair, but less than her brother did when he was born 20 months ago. She's cute and really makes me want to have another one. We have a plan in place, but it hasn't been as easy this go round. Her skin was so soft. She has spent today in the NICU due to minor complications. She should be out of the NICU in the morning so tomorrow night, we will get to hold her. Exciting!!

Today at work....the stuff they had me working on today kept giving me a headache. It was confusing. They keep telling me that if I can understand the CA stuff then the rest of it will be easy. CA has so many regulations about health insurance. Tomorrow is another day and I am sure they will have me learning something new all over again. One of the team leads at work, her husband passed away last night. I was shocked given that she had been at work all day. They said she had been commenting on how stubborn he was and how he was refusing to go to the doctor. They said she is doing as well as can be expected. They knew that this was coming, just weren't expecting it this soon. I will keep her in my prayers. There was also a DPD officer killed in the line of duty last night too. The DPD police chief, when he was giving his press conference last night, he seemed to be trying so hard to keep it together. You could tell that he was close to this officer and his family. More folks to keep in my prayers tonight.

I didn't Joshua tonight, he was in bed before I got home, so nothing new to report on that. I know that today was Pajama Day at school for his class. There were several kiddos in the jammies this morning. I was surprised that he didn't seem confused on why we put jammies on and not jeans, but he didn't ask and I didn't try to explain.

I am going to have to skip the wii fit tonight, because I am just down right tired. And because I am tired, I am heading to bed.

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