Friday, January 16, 2009


That is what the weather outside it like....frosty. It was flippin' cold out tonight.

So, I get to work this morning and there is an email that says that our company will be shutting down an hour early today because of the holiday weekend. Wow!....I can leave an hour early! Well, no. Because we didn't know about our early dismissal, our supervisors were unable to notify our program directors that we would be leaving early. So, if your shift ended 5:30 or earlier you could leave an hour earlier. I don't get off until 6. To make it worse, I was all caught up by 3. And they searched for things to keep me busy until about 5:30 and then I was told to just sit and wait for the phone to ring....which it never did. Now, why couldn't I have left early??

Today is my third day with my Aunt Flo in tow. And she is causing pains that make me just want to curl up in a ball and be still. So, I am aching from cramps and my lower back is killing me. My upper back is still sore from coughing for 5 straight days. I am congested in the head and chest. Still wheezing, still running around chasing my nose and still coughing. My entire body above my chest hurts. And Joshua...sweet, sweet Joshua, just doesn't understand. He is a very all-about-me-all-the-time kid. I love him dearly, but tonight, I was so happy when he finally went to sleep. So, so, so happy.

And I am so excited about a three day weekend!!!

Jeff went to work early this morning. I was asleep and he came in blinding me with the closet light. I heard him tell me he was leaving and that it was near 4 o'clock. I rolled over and went right back to sleep, mumbling something that didn't even make sense to me. At least they have him working. No offense, but he is getting on my nerves being at home. He is cramping my style...not that I have much. Joshua and I had a routine, but with Jeff's work hours lately, our routine is not sticking. I am wondering if that is part of the problem with a fussy Joshua.

You know what bothers me. Is to go out to eat and Joshua to be in a high chair and be sitting so low that he is eye level with the table. I think restaurants should take in account the height of their tables when purchasing high chairs. Who wants to have to hold their arms at shoulder height just to eat. I also wish there were more kid friendly restaurants. Ones that offer tables and healthy options for kids to eat. Not just french frys and whatever. If I ever own a restaurant, I am definitely going to take these things into account. There is this piece of property on Hwy 10 that used to be a restaurant and I often dream about it being my restaurant. That would be really cool. I wouldn't use tablecloths either. I think they either look tacky or like you are trying to hard to be fancy. And I hate tile work on tables. They are great in some settings, but I just don't like the look. I think if I had my own restaurant, I would offer different types of really meet a variety of family needs. One person could have steak, another spaghetti and another chicken the way Candlelight Inn does it. Only, tastier.

Tomorrow is a busy day, I need to get to bed.

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