Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Monday

The first Monday of the 2009! You know, come to think of it, this past weekend was the first weekend of 2009! It was rainy all day. The rain froze in the trees giving the trees in the parking lot at work a winter wonderland effect. But now that it is dark, it is finally warm enough for all the icicles to start melting. Yea...that's right. Warmer at 8pm than it was at 3pm. Makes no sense to me either. And because they are melting, there is snow chance of an ice day tomorrow. Dang it!

This morning at Joshua's school he was entranced by the book the teacher was reading when we got there. He had to stand facing her while I took his jacket off. Oh yea, and I got in his way and he had to step aside to see the book. I took him over and sat him down by Chloe and he was fascinated by this book. Maybe it was the whole story time thing, I don't know. He never pays that much attention to me when I read him books, but perhaps it is my tactic. I will review this in the coming days and report back. As I was leaving, a little boy named Zachary in his class said, "well bye." He is a character! And already potty trained and he doesn't turn two until like March or so. He has the best speech in the class followed by Joshua which is funny to the teacher because they are the two youngest boys. Now, if I could just get Joshua potty trained....can't I just snap my fingers and it happen?? Looking back, it seems I didn't report on Joshua's first on the little potty experience.....
So, it was Dec 27th. He had been a farting machine. We kept asking if he was going potty and he kept saying potty and pulling at his diaper. I asked if he wanted to use his potty chair. He was so excited. He pushed it over to me in the living room. I pulled his pants off and took the diaper off and sat him on the potty. The pee guard wasn't in place so I had to attach that. He sat there for a minute and then started fussing. We told him he had to sit there for a few minutes. He fussed the whole time. The closest book I could find to start reading to him was his Bible he had just gotten for Christmas. So we read two Bible stories while he fussed. He never got up, he just sat there and fussed. No other action was happening, so Jeff took him to his room and put a diaper on him. He pooped about 10 minutes later. Lovely story huh?!?

Not much else to report on. I need to get some laundry going for tomorrow and get my Wii Fit time in so that's it for now.

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