Saturday, January 24, 2009

!!! Excited !!!!

Tonight, for the first time....drum roll please.....Joshua went pee-pee in his big boy potty! We have been doing potty time since Jan 1st. And I had bought a potty time book (I settled on it) and my mother had ordered the book I had actually wanted from eBay. So tonight, after we got home from running was potty time. I took off his diaper which was wet. And he sat on the potty. We read both books twice. About 10 minutes later. The potty starts singing. We bought the kind of potty that sings when something is deposited. So anyway...the potty starts singing. Joshua says "uh-oh". I shockingly asked "Did you go potty?". Joshua says "pee-pee". I got him up off the potty and sure enough...there was pee-pee in the potty!!!!!! I was so excited, I hugged him and told him good job. We went to put a diaper back on. I was beaming! I called Jeff and told him, I called my mom and told her. I was so proud. I cried. It was great. Absolutely awesome!!! The last time I was this excited over Joshua was when he took off walking. So here is the picture of the pee-pee....skip down if you don't want to see. (you can see the sensors in the bottom of the potty)

We had a great day today anyway...but that was just awesome. Can you see me smiling???

Today was my nephew & niece's school carnival. So we went there. By the time we left, Joshua was done. It was loud and with so many people I didn't want to let him be down to walk around for very long. But we made it. In the gym there was a jump house thing with a slide attached. Joshua was having a lot of fun watching all the kids slide down. So, Joshua, Ethan & Kaitlyn went. E & K helped him jump around and climb up for the slide. K went down the slide first, E set Joshua up and set him off. Joshua did not like the slide much. I guess it was more fun to watch the other kids do it. Normally slides are a great thing, but this one was pretty steep. We tried to get Joshua to go again, but he was having none of it. E & K cashed in their prize tickets and we left to head to Joshua's school.

Joshua's school has been in business for 10 years and were having an open house/carnival. We checked out his room. His teacher had pages ready for the kids to color while there were there. Joshua, E & K colored one. Then we went outside. Joshua got to go to the side where the big kids always play. There was a bounce house, but he wouldn't get in. E & K got in and then Aunt Stephanie got in and Joshua still wasn't going. It was chilly so we headed back in. Toured the rest of the school, I had never seen some of the classrooms, like where the after school kids go. We did face painting. Two pirates and a puppy dog....

There was a petting farm, with a pony, sheep, goats, a bunny, and chickens of some strange sort. Joshua petted all of them but the pony, which was a little harder to get to. He seemed to like the smaller goats. He didn't seem to like how the sheep felt. The sheep had a full winter wool coat on and I didn't really like touching it either. After Joshua's school, we loaded back in the truck and headed to get drinks. Joshua was asleep when we stopped to get drinks. It had been a busy day.

Afterwards, we headed to get my sister's haircut. She has a lot of hair, so it was taking some time. I was flipping through the haircut/hairstyle book and decided that I would go ahead and get my hair cut too. So waalah, I have a new cut. No picture of it yet. I will try in the next couple of days for it. So far, I love it.

Follow all of that excitement up with going pee-pee in the potty for the first time and it has been quite a day! So much so, that I am calling it a night.

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Mandy said...

Hooray for Joshua! Jeromy and I were just talking last night about how bright and smart he is. I'm so happy for him!