Monday, January 26, 2009

Hating this Monday

So, after a great weekend, we ran into a problem Sunday night. Joshua seemed to be having a hard time breathing. Almost moaning when taking even shallow breaths. Then, he would be fine for an hour or so and start shallow breathing again. Through the night. Monday morning rolled around and he argued with Jeff about getting dressed and again with the shallow breathing. He was coughing a lot. We called the urgent care center to find out they do not open until 11. The answering service offered a phone advise nurse. She called back right around seven. Jeff talked to her for a bit and then I talked to her. She suggested taking Joshua to the ER and said that our doctor prefers Cooks Children's. We prefer Cook's too. But at 7 in the morning and only one of us are dressed, we wouldn't be getting to Cook's until after 8 and then waiting the in the ER. We decided that since we had made it through the night we would just wait until his doctor's office opened at 8 and planned to just be there at 8. Our pedi would see Joshua even if he had to put him between appointments. We were in the waiting room at total of 10 minutes from in the door to headed to the back. Our pedi came in and checked Joshua out. He confirmed that Joshua was wheezing in his lungs breathing. And wanted to do a breathing treatment in the office. We did that waited a bit and the pedi came back in and said the breathing treatment seemed to help so we would be taking home a nebulizer. A nebulizer, 4 prescriptions and a hour and 15 minutes later we were out of the doctor's office. We went to Walgreens to drop off the scripts and then ran two more quick errands while Joshua slept in the car...

Then, our day went from bad to even more bad. Walgreens had promised the scripts in an hour, we showed up in an hour. The pharm peeps said they were having problems with the scripts. And an hour later Jeff came out of the Walgreens wtih only 3 scripts. I was pissed. That Walgreens has been getting worse and worse with script filling. Seems one of the scripts didn't have Joshua's name on it. I didn't look that closely at them. Walgreens said they called the doctors office and confirmed that it wasn't for this patient. I called the doctors office myself and they stated that Walgreens hadn't called about my son, she put me on hold, came back and said Walgreens had called about a different patient. For the hour that Jeff is in the store, I stayed in the car with Joshua because he was sleeping. I am done with this Walgreens at this point, so she agrees to call in the script to the CVS across the street. I have never liked CVS. I called CVS about 4:45 to see if the have the script and am told that they haven't had a chance to check the faxed in scripts yet and they are busy and to call back in an hour. Does this make the mom of a sick child who has had 4 hours of sleep and dealt with a screaming child all day happy?????? NO! But I still ain't going back to the Walgreens across the street. I called back at 6:30 and speak to a guy who doesn't have clear English. The gist of what he told me was that the script had been received and they had questions. They had called the doc's office and gotten no response. I would need to come in and give them all of our insurance info so that tomorrow after the talk to the doc they can fill this script. TOMORROW???? My sons ears are leaking yellow-green sticky you could imagine dripping from an alien. I think I am done with that CVS...

My family all use the Walgreens on the other side of town. I just don't use it because it is on the other side of town. I used to use it when we lived over there and never had a problem with it. My plan is to call the doctor's office back in the morning and ask to have the script re-wrote so we can do pick it up and take it to the Walgreens across town. And from now on, I will continue to boycott the CVS by us and now the Walgreens too. I will give the Walgreens the evil eye each time I drive by. I decided three scrips ago that I was going to give them 3 chances and after 3 more screw-ups I was leaving them. That time has come.

Joshua fussed most of the afternoon. Jeff had to sleep because he had stayed up all night. Joshua wanted up, he wanted down, he wanted me to hold his monkey and blankie, he wanted to hold his monkey and blankie, he put monkey and blankie down for a nap, we hammered, we puzzled, we read books, we climbed on the couch, we drank juice, we dang near pulled our hair out fussing before, during and after all of these activities. And as the day drew on, I realized that about 30 minutes before he was due another breathing treatment he would really start coughing bad. On the plus side, he took right to the breathing treatments. He is doing great with them and I didn't give him much choice in the other two scripts we have...I flushed them right down him.

What is with my son and being sick? It is like a rolling thing. We get over one issue and do great for a week and then BAM! we get sick all over again. And so on and so on and so on. I don't see other people with 20 month old toddlers going through this? Or am I just not on the seeing side of things? I thought the ear tubes would help with somethings, but I guess in a way they have, we now just get sick with things other than ear infections all the time. And I say daycare, shmacare, I don't see the other kids in his class missing near as much time as Joshua does.

We had a nice dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. And I am tired and heading to bed.
Here is Jeff's version of the story.

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