Monday, January 12, 2009

Still sick

Last night and today I have been a cough machine. It is horrible. My back hurts from coughing. On a positive note, my coughing is becoming productive. Jeff slept on the couch last night because of my coughing. I did rest some in the night between coughing bouts. Today, I have tried to take it a little easier, but we had planned a few errands leading up to my doctor's appointment this afternoon. My doc said I am wheezing bad and appear to just have an upper respiratory viral infection. Same as Joshua. He put me on a cough medicine and a steroid to help my inhaler work better. If I am not getting better in a couple of days he also gave me an antibiotic I can get filled. He also listened to Jeff's chest and told him to take the cough medicine as well.

Part of our errands today was a trip to the grocery store. It is always strange to me now to go grocery shopping and not have Joshua with me. I don't have to worry about how close I get to the shelves when he is not with me. Joshua went back to school today. Jeff took him this morning. Jeff was basically left at the door because it was story time and Joshua apparently just went right in and sat down by Chloe for story time....holding his blanket and wearing his jacket. No bye Daddy or anything. I am glad to know that I am not the only one he gives that treatment too sometimes.

Jeff and I had an appointment tonight to go to so my brother, Jeromy, and his wife, Mandy, came over to watch Joshua for us. We fixed dinner and they got here just as dinner was done. Joshua was a great kiddo for them all night. They even changed their first diaper ever and it was a dirty one at that. At about 8:30, he requested to get his jammies on. And helped bring all the stuff from his bed to the living room to signify that it was bedtime. We we got home about 9:15, he willingly said his goodnights/goodbyes and climbed into his bed. I guess being back at school today wore him out. After 3 1/2 days away, I am sure it did.

I needing to take my coughing self to bed as I have to go to work tomorrow. I can't afford to miss another day. Still not wii fitting, as I am sick. I am sure the little wii fit man is going to yell at me for missing so many days.

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