Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Only Tuesday

I am so ready for this weekend to get here. I don't even know why, I don't have anything major going on. Just my normal trip to the grocery store.

Today at work, they trained me how to do 3 more things. So far, they haven't trained anyone else from my training class to do anything but make calls. I actually enjoyed the supporting documentation that I worked today. It wasn't as slow as just working Credit Balance Worksheets. It was an exciting day for me at work. I love to learn new things, especially when I have a great teacher. Some people think they can teach but all they know how to do is tell.

We ate spaghetti at home tonight, Jeff's favorite (yea right!). It was okay, but I had bought a different sauce that I usually do and I didn't really care for it much. It almost had a canned spaghetti sauce taste like Chef Boyardee. Oh well, I will buy my usual brand from now on. Joshua loved dinner tonight. I cut him off because I thought he had eaten too much and he threw a fit. He fussed until he heard the word bath and then headed to the bathroom to take a bath. Tonight we tried out his new toothpaste. He is really liking "brushing" his teeth. It is going better than I thought it would. He has become a pro at running his toothbrush under the water. I think primarily to fill it up with more water that he can suck out, but hey, at least he is getting the general idea. So far, so good.

I have put in my 30 minutes on the Wii Fit and it is way past my bedtime, so I will cut it short.

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