Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long Weekend Ahead...can you see it?

Today, was just a day. Nothing pretty, nothing ugly.

The work day seemed to drag by. I knew Jeff had his court date this evening and was dreading the outcome. **Warning - Susan's side of the story coming** See, Jeff was in this single car accident Thanksgiving Eve of 2006. He called the police to report it, like a not smart person. The officer arrived on the scene before my family got me there. The kind officer that arrived wrote my dear Jeff three tickets. One for his license having the wrong address. One for no insurance. One for failing to maintain a safe speed. Three tickets...yes on one piece of paper...the FWPD doesn't want to waste paper! We got the address fixed up...we both updated our licenses to our new home address at this point. And we were insured, but I had been driving the car and I like to keep my insurance card on me and not in the car. Jeff keeps his in the vehicle...a.k.a. my truck that he had been driving. And the failing to maintain a safe speed...well, the road was wet, because the City of FW over waters the median plants....and the light went from red to green and my husband says to himself, "hey, it's a camaro" and guns the gas....slips on the water....goes up on the curb...between the light post and the street sign.....and stops when he hits an $800 flashlight. I say an $800 flashlight because that is the cost of the light post that he hit according to the bill that he got in the mail from the City of FW. Our insurance covered the cost of the flashlight and the expensive bulb in it....and now half the time we pass by this spot...the dang thing ain't even on! So.......back to the court date. It was tonight for the two tickets....speeding & insurance. He goes in at 6pm (an odd court time) and waits until just after 6:15. The judge calls to him that his tickets will be dismissed because the office didn't show up. The officer is given 15 minutes to arrive and then assumed to not be showing up. So, thank you Mr. FWPD officer for spending the evening doing other things, you saved us about $600.

I am happy this is over with but I have one complaint. I think that if an officer is a repeat offender.....i.e. doesn't show up in court repeatedly....they should be reprimanded. I mean, the FWPD lost out of $600 in revenue tonight from us. And all of the other people who were dismissed tonight too. That is money the FWPD just lets walk away. My advise to the common person....fight your FW never know. Or do whatever you think is best.

Joshua was horrible at dinner tonight...for the second night in a row. We went to dinner to celebrate Jeff's tickets being dismissed. And Joshua stood up in the high chair, pretty much refusing to sit down at all. He fussed every time something was going his way...i.e. his own bowl of salsa or the entire plate of guac wasn't in front of him for him to stick his hands in. This is the second night in a row like this. I don't think he will be eating out again for a while. I think he is teething again...more molars. When he is really fussing, he grabs at his bottom jaw like it hurts. But then, his ear are draining....a great thing about ear tubes....the ears drain. It is so great to me to see my sons ears drain. It brings me more joy than you can imagine. It means no earaches.....sweet sweet earache. sweet. The school said he was fussy again today after nap time. That is the second day in a row. I don't know what is up with that. I wonder if he needs a pillow at school to maybe keep his head elevated. Hmmm.....will work on that on Monday.

Oh yea....three day weekend coming up. I can't wait! But in the mean time, I need to get to bed so I can finish Friday and the weekend can start.

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