Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Day

Something new has happened the last three mornings. Joshua has woke up, gotten out of bed and exited him room. The first morning he made it to just outside his room with his monkey, pillow and blanket. His blanket got stuck, pulling the door shut and he fell apart. Friday morning, he woke up and I was already out in the house so I met him in the hallway. This morning, he got up and I heard him leave his room over the monitor. I waited. I heard him in the living room looking for me, nearing panic mode, so I opened my bedroom door and he smiled and ran over to give me a hug. It was so sweet.

Today, we went to a baby shower in the middle of the day. It was very nice. My second cousin and his wife are having a little boy in early March. They are excited. And nervous excited it seemed. They got lots of great stuff that will come in very handy. Another second cousin of mine was there with her 3 month old daughter. She was the cutest little thing. She had this hair that is so much like her mom's, it was so soft and long enough to hold a pretty bow. She smelled of sweet little girl. She had crocheted pink booties on, they were so freakin' cute. I held her for a while and Joshua didn't seem to mind as much as he has in the past. Of course, as soon as I was done holding her, he bee-lined to me to be held.

Joshua got a little wild during the shower, small areas are not our friend lately, so I took him outside. My father's aunt's house in Irving is on a huge lot, (it used to be a lot bigger). So I let him run around in her front yard. She had these huge trees that I have always loved and he collected sticks. And when he would hand several too me, he would, two, three, one, two, three. As of late, he doesn't go past three. At one point he would count to six, but he stopped. This morning, we were playing with his puzzles and we were going through the colors and he was getting them right. I was surprised because he and I hadn't gone over colors in at least a month. He has eaten good all day, which is a change from the last several days. His ear is draining, I need to find his ear drops so we can start using them. I love the ear tubes, they were such a great thing to have done. We have avoided at least 4 ear infections since we got them.

Joshua and I are both still coughing a little. Jeff...well....Jeff is still sick and dieing. You know how men can be when they are sick. ;)

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