Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Sunday

This morning Joshua and I worked more on potty time. Nothing went into the potty today. I am not disappointed. I know this will take some time. Joshua is loving potty time. He runs to the potty and starts preparing it for a sit down. He makes sure he gets a book and mommy gets a book and then we read. This morning his reading consisted of the words, "potty, poop, pee-pee, mommy, josha, diaper". Josha is what he calls himself.

We went to Kohl's today to exchange towels for our new bathroom. We decided to go with a sand color rather than a blue color. We then went to Lowe's and got paint, wallpaper taker offer stuff and other things. We always wind up spending more money than we had planned when go in Lowe's. It is the store of "oh yea, we need one of these", normally it is things that we keep forgetting to put on a shopping list. So now, we have wallpaper taker offer stuff, paint and accessories.....we just have to find the time to do it.

We met up with Daniel, Christina, Adam & Isabelle today. We hadn't seen them since Isabelle came home from the hospital. We were sick and didn't want to be around her. She has the tiniest feet. And her hair was so soft. I couldn't remember Joshua being that little, but I know he was. She stayed awake quite a bit this evening at my sister's so hopefully she will let them sleep tonight.

My sister got to use her new ice cream maker tonight. It was a tasty treat. There is nothing quite like the taste of homemade ice cream. It takes me back to when we were kids in Arkansas in the summer. My great-grandmother would make homemade ice cream....normally with peaches for my dad. Peach ice cream or plain old vanilla with peaches on the side. And we would stand outside watching and waiting and listening to the woo-woo-woo sounds. And adding the ice and adding the rock salt. And finally after what seemed like hours, we would have ice cream. In 1970's yellow or green bowls with 1970's spoons. You know the ones.

My sister and I are trying to get a full plan together to the the Breast Cancer Three Day walk. We are going to an informational meeting in a couple of weeks. I think the scariest part of it is the fundraising so it will be interesting what they have to say.

It is a work day tomorrow and I have laundry to get finished so I am heading to bed.

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