Saturday, January 3, 2009

It is still Saturday, right?

We had a busy Saturday. Lots of running around. We had lunch in Irving at Sweet Tomatoes. Went to Kohl's for my mother and wound up spending some of our Christmas money on new pillows.....more on those tomorrow. Went to the fairly new ToysRUs/BabiesRUs combo store....much to small on both stores. I prefer the bigger, full size stores. Where they actually carry things you see online and not just a condensed version of it. When we were on the BabiesRUs side, Joshua was in the back of the know the part where you shouldn't let your children ride, but everyone does anyway. And he reached for something, shifting the balance of the buggy and the balance of himself just enough that he went down. He smashed his mouth on the buggy and blood started coming out of his mouth. I thought he had bit his lip, no....he cut the inside of his lip/cheek and banged up his top gum. We got him calmed down. Rinsed him mouth out with some cold water. And he is just fine now; however, when I put him to bed, his mouth was bleeding again a little. That is our first bloody accident. Whew....we made it to 19 months old before it happened!!....go Mommy, go Mommy. It is sadly good that we have had two ER trips and he wasn't bloody or broken either time. At ToysRUs, Joshua spent his Christmas money on some Crayola Brand things. I will post more once he uses them.

We made the trip back to the Fort Worth side of town and stopped in at home for a bit. I talked to my neighbor across the street. I have been reading on our HOA website about break-ins and attempted break-ins in our neighborhood and wanted to see if she had seen it. She hadn't and we talked for a few. She was telling me that the guy three houses down from us was in his garage working a couple weeks back. He went in the house to fix himself a sandwich and when he came out, he seen the guys jumping into a van in front of his house. They took several of his tools including his saw. I have noticed a lack of saw noise in the last few weeks from his house. He thought he heard something and went out to check and sure enough he had heard them taking his stuff. The HOA site said someone was attempting to break into a house over by the school and the guy was in the back of his house and thought he heard someone banging on his door...he was two guys trying to break in. He called the cops and by the time they got here, the guys were gone. What is my neighborhood coming too? The stuff online says that the break-ins and attempted break-ins were where there was no car parked in the driveway and happening between 9am-11am. Lovely. I can only pray that my house doesn't look appealing.

Tonight we met up with my brother and sister-in-law at Joann's so my sister-in-law, Mandy, could give me some scrap booking tips. I am going to be working on a photo/scrap book and have decided to do it by hand. After we left Joann's, we were in the truck and Joshua and Jeff were playing. All of a sudden, Joshua swung his arm back in my direction and accidentally popped me on the arm. Popped me like you would back-hand someone. It hurt/stung for several seconds. Jeff was laughing so hard, I think the only things that kept him in the seat was his seat belt. We also decided that we would just go grocery shopping tonight while we were already out and didn't have to worry about it tomorrow. Bad idea. Joshua was so done with this day before we got there. He fussed and threw fits throughout our entire 20 minute stop. I took him out to the truck while Jeff checked us out at the grocery store.

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