Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good-bye Christmas

Today, we actually got to sleep in. Joshua did not wake until about 9. It was great....a whole extra hour of zzzzzz. On our new pillows too!! We bought Memory Foam Pillows with some of the Christmas money we got from Jeff's parents. I was hesitant but thought I would give it a try. I found that I didn't toss and turn quite so much but I also kept waking up on my back. I don't really remember much else, except the stupid cat was making me hot. I kept booting her off the bed. After one night, I will give the pillow a thumbs up, but let me rate again after a week.

We hadn't planned to do much today other than take down the Christmas stuff. Jeff got the lights down outside. We attempted to do a few more Christmas pictures with Joshua. He won't stay still long enough for picture taking. And heaven forbid if it is a pose that he just doesn't want to do. We put him down for a nap and set out to take down the Christmas tree. I organized our three Christmas buckets a little more. I tend to re-organize them every year. We took down the Christmas tree and got it all back in the original box!! - an amazing feat. We moved the Christmas buckets and the tree box back into the garage all before Joshua was up from his nap. He didn't say anything about there not being a tree in the living room anymore. I think he knew something was different but wasn't sure what it was. We ate lunch and were just hanging out.

My sister called. They were back from their trip and we had their mail from the past week. We decided that we would bring it over there and fix enchiladas and we would bring our Wii Fit for them to check out. We went over and Wii Fit-ed for a while and realized it was late and decided to just order pizza. We stayed for a while longer chatting a Wii-Fit-ing and have come home. It is pretty cold outside tonight. The weather man said it would be. We'll have to see if he is still right in the morning, unless the forecast has is Texas after all.

It is Sunday and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow I am officially out of training and will be the real deal. I am glad that Jan 5 has finally arrived. But for now, I am headed to bed. I am tired and realize that I have already missed the news and weather.

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