Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slip & Slide But Don't Fall

Today has just not been a good day for me. I got up on the wrong side of the bed. Then nothing was going good. We were finally ready to leave the house 20 minutes before I was due at work. It takes 40 minutes to get there (with dropping Joshua off). I get outside and can't find my flippin' ice scraper. I bet it is in the car (that Jeff has at work). I nearly fell on the ice that was still in the driveway. I used my access badge for work to scrap the windows down. The traffic was moving slowly because of the fog. Halfway to Joshua's school, he drops his cereal cup and Cheerios fall all in the floor. He in turn throws a fit. We get to his school and he doesn't want to let go of Mommy. The one kid in there is just standing in the middle of the room screaming randomly for no reason other than to be screaming and he thought it was funny (it wasn't). I couldn't blame Joshua for not wanting to stay. I drove through the frozen fog barely seeing 4 cars ahead of me. I park at work and get out of the truck and head to the building. I am trying to decide if what I see is ice or not, just as I am trying to decide I again nearly fall on my behind. I have on slick leather soled shoes (my expensive Italian Leather shoes) and they of course offer no traction at all. I slowly turn around and "skate" my way back off this ice. The ice leads all the way to the door. I decided that I would just walk around to the other side...well, halfway, I wound up going in the smoke break door. I finally sit down at my desk 25 minutes late. I realize work has disappeared off my desk. My lead had taken it to get the next step done. She went ahead and showed me how to do the next step. Then I start printing this step and our printer was not printing. People are piling up around the machine as if to get a look at a dead body lying in the middle of the freeway. Lunchtime rolls around and I was going to eat in, but decided that this day warranted an outside trip. I go to a fast food joint and bang my mirror on one of those yellow post that are used to keep you from hitting the building. My mirror has a yellow spot of paint on it now. Flippin' great! When 5:00 came around, I was out of there.

Since we have gotten home things have gotten better. Joshua and I played for a while and then fixed dinner. I am not convinced that I cooked the fish sticks quite long enough...either that or they cooled too long. If we get sick, it was the fish sticks. They were cold, just not piping hot like I like them. But, they did sit out on the counter for several minutes longer than usual.

I put in my wii fit time which came to 33 minutes today. I did several strength and yoga things tonight so my legs are a bit achy. Could just be from my crappy day and ice sliding though.

Stick a fork in this is done. I am heading to bed.

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