Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long Day

So, I was having a great day. I went to lunch at 1, picked up unhealthy Mickey D's and was about to eat my fries when my phone rang. It was Joshua's school. I was thinking great, they need him picked up because he is sickly. No. They were calling to tell me that Joshua had a seizure while he was down for his nap. He wasn't coming around and they had called for an ambulance. She didn't know if I would get there before the ambulance or not. I panicked! I tried putting the truck in reverse to back wouldn't reverse.....duh....must start truck first. I called Jeff hysterical flying down the road way too fast. Jeff asked where I was headed and I said to the school. He hung up from me called the school they said the ambulance was there and they were loading Joshua up. They would be taking him to Harris Methodist HEB, (I would have preferred Cook's, but whatever). I called my boss in a panic and left her a rambling voicemail that I was headed towards Joshua because the school had called blah, blah, blah. The school calls back and tells me that the ambulance will be leaving in a few minutes and they will be taking him to HEB, I already knew this since they had told Jeff and Jeff had called me back. I didn't think I would get to his school in time, so I headed for the hospital. Jeff got there less than 30 seconds before me. I seen him running up to the ER and went and parked near him. We waited at the ER for what seemed like forever before the ambulance got there. The director from his school rode with him to the hospital. I really like her and all of the staff and really appreciate her riding with him . The HEB ER was cram-packed. There were at least 4 ambulances there when we arrived and at least 4 more when Joshua arrived. They had people on ambulance beds in the hallways trying to clear out was actually quite funny....all of a sudden they had more people than they were knowing what to do with. Joshua was really out of it when they got there. And he was naked on the gurney covered in a sheet. When he has febrile seizures, we are to strip him down to bare minimum clothing to help cool him body down. His fever at the hospital was 104.5. What seemed like 30 minutes later they gave him Tylenol. They came back and checked his temp again (the un-nice way at that) and it was down to 102.5 so they gave him Motrin. Another period of time passed and they brought juice and Gatorade for him to drink. He downed both of them....good thing I put a diaper back on him by now. He kept getting goose bumps and kept feeling like he was getting less hot. The came back and checked him again sometime after Ellen went off and his fever was down to 99.3. In the meantime, after the Tylenol but before the Motrin they came in a did a flu test, strep test and a chest x-ray. They did the x-ray in the room which was pretty cool. The doctor, Johnson, had already checked his ears and listened to his chest which were both fine. All the other tests came back negative. So once again, he has a febrile seizure and we don't know why his fever is spiking up fast. Lovely.

They discharged him about 5:30 and we headed over to his school to pick up his shoes, jacket and blanket. He was just fine, like nothing had happened. Give him a little juice and a little snack and he is just fine. Since he had gotten a clean bill of health, we decided we would head to the hospital to see newborn Isabelle. She was still in the NICU so we didn't see her. Christina is doing great and looks better today than yesterday....they got her up moving around today....always an exciting thing. Hopefully Isabelle will be out of the NICU tomorrow. They have taken her off the oxygen and are keeping her for another 24 hours to make sure she does fine before releasing her out of NICU. Joshua and Adam played for a little while. They are funny together. They tend to mimic each other's actions.

Jeff finally went back to work tonight....and I mean that in the nicest way. He hasn't worked since Dec 30. They just haven't had any loads for him or his counterparts to do. So big news....he is back to work tonight and headed to Baton Rouge. Joshua and I will be hanging at the house tomorrow. My boss told me she didn't want to see me until Monday, which is great given that Jeff got a load and can't keep Joshua tomorrow. I will call Joshua pediatrician in the morning and get an appointment to see what else we can do about these seizures. Two within a month are too many. I have put in my wii fit time, 15 minutes tonight (it has been a long, stressful day) and am heading to bed.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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