Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy Susan

Today, I did a whole lot of nothing. Well, I ran to get the truck washed and to Wal-greens....but that was mostly to help Joshua take a nap. He was refusing a nap, r-e-f-u-s-i-n-g. He would fall asleep if we were holding him, but wake up the minute we laid him down. I hate when he gets like that. So, I loaded him up and took the long way to the car wash. He was just falling asleep when we got there, but he managed to stay awake through the whole thing. He fell asleep moments later. Swung into Wal-greens where some lady in the next lane was pitchin' a fit about the cost of her scripts. Lady, you are driving a freakin' you really need to complain about the cost of your scripts? After she finally drove off, I could tell the workers were laughing about her. But, I got my script and left. I carried Joshua in the house and went to lay the sleeping boy in his bed and what did he do???? He woke right back up. Lovely. So I took him in the living room and we played puzzles for an hour. We had dinner with my mother and David tonight. Joshua is taking well to calling David "pops"....or as Joshua calls him "poP". With an emphasis on the last p. Tonight at dinner, Joshua would not say it, but he knew who poP was.

Monday is a company holiday. I am so ready for tomorrow. We are taking Joshua to school and going grocery shopping and meeting my mother for an 11 a.m. movie. Then we will probably swing into Lowe's and check out wall paper removal stuff and perhaps some paint. Follow that with a wishful nap and that will wrap up my child free day.

It's late and after doing nothing all day, I am tired. So I am headed to bed.

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Our little miracle cubs said...

We are going through the nap refusals too! HATE them!!!!