Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Conditions

Joshua thought he was going to wake up at 4:45this morning. I said no. I got him back to sleep by 5:15. I laid back down in the bed and flipped the news on to check the road conditions. As expected they were icy, but it was still too dark to know for sure. I drifted off to sleep. I called my work weather line and it said the office was open. With the HEB ISD closed, Joshua's school closed. Jeff was gone to work. So, going into work was not an option for me today. From what I hear, I am glad I stayed home. They closed down sections of freeways all around us. Jeff trip to Harlingen turned into a trip to San Antonio, Austin and back to Grand Prairie this morning. He drove in the ice. I was worried until I knew he was stopped. He said he had a close call with a minivan on I-35W. I didn't want to know anymore. It took him at least 3 hours to get from Hillsboro to Grand Prairie.

Joshua finally woke back up around 9:15. We hung out in our jammies until around 5. We both got dressed and headed out to see some ice. We had both had it being locked inside. He is just like me, he gets cabin fever quickly. I don't like to be couped up. We needed some groceries in the house so I decided we would head to Wal-mart and we could pick up a couple of other things as well. The edge of our porch was still icy, the sun doesn't really shine much right there. The sidewalk ice had melted. So we are walking along the sidewalk to the end of the garage and Joshua is in front. We have that monkey grass stuff that lines the walk (from like the 80's). When it ends the rain gutter comes down. Joshua was in front of me walking and jabbering about outside and sticks. He walks about three steps past gutter drain and cocks his head to the side. He slowly turned his head back around and said what's this pointing at the ice that had built up. It was so funny. I told him it was ice and that became a favorite word for the next hour. Ice. Ice Mommy. Mommy ice. Half the driveway still had ice, my truck had kept it in the shade. I was showing Joshua that it was ice and slippery by putting one foot on the ice and moving it around. He in turn put one of his feet on there and moved it around. Then, he wants to let go of my hand so he can get both feet on there and slide around. Uh, no. So, he decides that if that ain't going to happen, then he will get the stick that is stuck in the ice. Uh, is stuck. He argues for a minute with the stick then moves on to one that is not stuck. I kicked out a patch of the ice so I can get one step closer to the truck without both of us falling. And we headed to Wal-mart. We later stopped by my sister's to visit for a bit and then headed home. One breathing treatment later and Joshua is in bed.

I will be happy to go back to work tomorrow. This is my second unscheduled day in the house this week and I need to be out and about for a couple of days. I also discovered tonight that I don't know how to stop our dishwasher from running once it starts. I don't know if it resets itself when left open. But dear Joshua, took upon himself to rewash the already clean dishes that are in there. Joshua also today taught himself how to open the glass doors on the entertainment center. This is so not good. I am hoping that he will just forget how. I was productive today being at home. I did three loads of laundry and the one load of dishes....the same one that is now being rewashed.

That is about it. I need to go put in my wii fit time for today.

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